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Cross Country Skiing

Resources for cross country skiers including the best cross country ski areas, gear, equipment, and cross country skiing tips and techniques.
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How to Get Started Cross Country Skiing
How to get started cross country skiing including the origins of cross country skiing, what to expect, getting lesson, and skiing on groomed trails.

Do I Need Cross Country Ski Lessons?
Downhill skiing is better known for lessons that nordic skiing. However, cross country skiing lessons are important to a skier's improvement.

Get Ready to Take a Cross Country Ski Lesson
Information on cross country ski lessons, including renting and fitting equipment, and lesson offerings for beginner skiers.

Lessons for First Time Cross Country Skiers
What is included in a first cross country ski lesson, including what to wear, what you'll learn, body position, turns, strides, uphill and downhill.

What To Wear Cross Country Skiing
If you're going to be cross country skiing, the right clothing can make your day a lot more enjoyable. Here is what to wear cross country skiing.

Cross Country 101
Cross country skiing is the oldest type of skiing, having evolved out of a need to travel over snow-covered terrain. Read on for the history of cross country skiing, as well as information and tips on modern nordic skiing, from Tony Goodwin.

Cross Country Skiing Equipment
Cross country skiing equipment includes need cross country skis, ski bindings, ski poles, and boots.

Cross Country Skis
There are a variety of skis used for cross country skiing, ranging from light racing skis to wider telemark skis.

Cross Country Ski Boots
Cross country ski boots attach to the ski at the toe of the boot alone, allowing the boot to flex at the ball of the food much like a normal boot.

How To Size Cross Country Skis
Information on how to size cross country skis including types of skis, camber, flex, and ski length.

Cross Country Skiing Snowplow
Step by step instructions for getting into a snowplow from a straight downhill run when cross country skiing.

Cross Country Skiing Turns
Step by step instructions for cross country skiing snow plow turns, stem turns and stem christie turns.

Double Poling and Changing Direction With Step Turns
Step by step instructions for double poling and changing direction with star and step turns when cross country skiing.

Cross Country Skiing Calories Burned
Curious how many calories you burn while cross country skiing? It depends on several factors, including your fitness level, weight and how fast you're skiing. Read more to find about how many calories you burn cross country skiing.

Cross Country Skiing Glossary
Glossary of cross country skiing terms, including definitions.

Cross Country Skiing vs. Downhill Skiing
Are you interested in skiing, but, not sure where to start? Are you debating whether downhill skiing or cross country skiing would be best for you? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Understanding Cross Country Ski Racing
Cross country skiing races are contested in twelve events consisting of both men and women individual and national team races.

Skiing History
Curious about the history of skiing? This guide will provide a history of cross country and downhill skiing, as well as a brief history of other disciplines that have grown from alpine and nordic skiing.

Convert Kilometers to Miles
Many cross country ski resorts measure their skiing terrain in kilometers. Here's a listing of quick tools you can use to convert kilometers to miles, so you know exactly how much terrain a cross country ski resort has to offer.

Glacier Skiing
Glacier skiing is a form of skiing on glaciers, offered for both cross country skiers and downhill skiers. Cross country skiers can glacier ski in the Glacier National Park, while downhill skiers can find glaciers in North America and Europe.

How To Go Skijoring
Skijoring is the sport of being pulled on cross country skis by a dog or dogs in harness - it's a combination of dog sledding and cross country skiing. Here's how to go recreational skijoring.

Lapland Lake Cross Country Ski and Vacation Center
Lapland Lake Ski Center is nestled in a unique snow basin in the New York’s southern Adirondacks. Here's a detailed profile of the Lapland Lake Cross Country Ski Area.

How Fast do Skiers Go?
One of the most common questions asked about downhill skiing is how fast skiers go. Here is a summary of the average speed of recreational skiers, Olympic skiers, ski racers, cross country skiers, and speed skiers, including speed skiing world records.

Cross Country Ski Bindings
There are a variety of skis used for cross country skiing, ranging from light racing skis to wider telemark skis.

Before You Buy XC Ski Poles
A quality pair of nordic ski poles is essential for skiing and they are a crucial element in your cross country skiing. Poles need to be lightweight and need to be the right length for you. Nordic poles that are used for skating or freestyle technique are generally longer than classic cross country ski poles, and poles for racing tend to be...

Kite Skiing and Snowkiting
Kite skiing, also called snow kiting, is most similar to cross-country skiing with a kite. Read more about kite skiing, including how and where to get started.

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