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The Outback - Keystone, Colorado


The Outback - Keystone, Colorado

Skiing the Keystone Outback

Copyright Mike Doyle
The term "Outback" is not a word I would ever have associated with skiing and snowboarding. That is, not until last week when I visited Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado where the morning after a foot of snow found me on Keystone's third mountain labeled "The Outback."

Skiing the Outback

A magnet for powder loving locals, "The Outback" is purposely ungroomed letting the trails and trees get worked in variable fashion at the whim of the skiers and riders. Skiing with a Keystone veteran meant I didn't need a trail map. However, "The Outback" is laid out such that skiing in the trees is not a problem since going downhill will bring you out on a return-to-home trail.

From "The Outback" you can bootpack up toward Wapiti Peak (12,354') for above treeline skiing, or save the legs and tag on one of Cat runs up to all the upper bowls.

One more word on Keystone's Outback - there are several marked intermediate trails. If you are new to Keystone remember to stay hydrated and take it easy until you get used to the elevation.

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