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Keystone Villages

Keystone, Colorado Villages


Keystone Villages

Tubing at Keystone

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There are two villages at Keystone Resort and the Mountain House area. All are within an easy walk or shuttle to either lifts, dining or shops.

Anywhere in River Run Village, located in the heart of Keystone, Colorado is an easy walk to the River Run Gondola. It's also the center of Keystone apres ski nightlife. throughout the year you'll find festivals, street parties, nightlife, restaurants, shops, and boutiques.

I don't like to eat a lot for lunch, or I'll be too full to ski. At the new 9280' restaurant in River Run Village (FYI the village elevation is 9,280') I had a very filling salad but there's plenty on the menu for those that chow down at lunch. With it's location and happy hour, 9280' is the center of apres ski and village night life.

Night Skiing and Tubing

Night skiing and tubing and the Alpenglow Stubeall are accessed through the River Run Village to the gondola. Accommodations available in the River Run Village in Keystone include condo rentals, luxury town homes, condominiums and hotels.

Lakeside Village is more for chilling out, either relaxing, or ice skating or just take in the wonders of the mountains. Accommodations in this area include luxury condos, condominiums, hotels and the Keystone Lodge.

Keystone Skier Services

I actually pulled into the Mountain House area when I first arrived at Keystone. This was Keystone's original base area. It still is a convenient location with excellent skier services including: children's ski school, children's center, retail shops & lift ticket office. Then step on the Argentine Lift or Peru Express to access the mountain.

Where to Stay at Keystone

Accommodations at the Mountain House include - the Inn at Keystone, cozy condos, affordable hotels and luxury condominiums. The Keystone Mountain House is nestled at the bottom of Dercum Mountain.

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