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2013 Lange Ski Boots

2012-2013 Lange Ski Boots


2013 Lange Ski Boots

Lange RX 30

Courtesy Lange

2012-2013 Lange Ski Boots

For 2012-2013 Lange boots (Buy Direct) are featuring the same award-winning fit and performance as Lange's RS race/on-trail and RX all-mountain boots, and introducing patented new technology, the new XT freeride/adventure series delivers the industry's first, truly high-performance alpine boot that climbs. Unlike current AT and "sidecountry" boots, Lange's new XT boots provide all the climbing range-of-motion you need with first-of-its-kind, powerful, dependable downhill performance.

Here's Ray Rice's take on the Lange 2012-2013 ski boot collection.

Lange Boots

  • Z/C (160)
  • Z/B (140)
  • Z/A (120)
  • Z/A Soft (110)
This manufacturer has always made World Cup ready boots. The plastic used in the race boots is critical. The best thing about Lange is they continue to use this Poly Ether and Poly Urethane throughout their following models. Their R 11 shell is available in a narrow 92mm width, with Z/C (160), Z/B (140), Z/A (120) and Z/A Soft (110) flexes.

Lange RS Series

  • RS 130
  • RS 120 SC
  • RS 110
  • RS 110 SC
Lange made a new mold with a lower ramp angle and more upright stance, adding more toe box room. The RS 140 is the most responsive in a 97mm width and skis great. They also have the RS 130, RS 120 SC, RS 110 and RS 110 SC all of which come in the 97mm width. The SC stands for Short Cuff designed for women and shorter calves. Kids could look at the SC for stiffer boots, but less height up the calf. They also offer the RS 130 and RS 110 in the 100 mm width.

Lange RX Series

  • RX 130 LV
  • RX 100 LV
  • RX 130
  • RX 12
  • RX 110
  • RX 100
  • RX 90
  • RX 80
Then they have the RX series which includes Ultra Grip or Max grip soles for better traction. The RX 130 LV and RX 100 LV are available in 97mm width. The RX 130, RX 120, RX 110 and RX 100 come in 100mm width. These are great options for many feet and ski well. Women get great options here with the Exclusive RX 100LV and RX 80LV in the 97mm width. Then they offer the Exclusive RX 100, Exclusive RX 90, and Exclusive RX 80 in the wider 100mm.

Lange XT Series

  • XT 130LV
  • XT 100LV
  • XT 130
  • XT 120
  • XT 110
  • XT 100
  • XT 100 W LV
  • XT 90 W LV
Lange has taken the walk mode and added it to the new design with the XT 130LV and XT 100LV in the 97mm width for the narrower fit. Then they offer the XT 130, XT 120, XT 110 and XT 100 in a nice 100mm width. Women get the XT 100 W LV in 97mm and the XT 90 W in 100mm.

Lange Blaster and Delight Series

  • Super Blaster (120)
  • Blaster (100)
  • Blaster 90
  • Blaster 80
  • Super Delight (100)
  • Delight Pro (90)
  • Delight 80
  • Delight 70
They open up the width in the Blaster and Delight series. The Super Blaster (120), Blaster (100), Blaster 90 and Blaster 80 and Super Delight (100), Delight Pro (90) Delight 80 and Delight 70 all come in 102 mm width. These have a walk mode and replaceable soles too.

Lange for Juniors

  • RS 110 SC
  • RS 90 SC
  • RS 70 SC
  • RSJ 65
  • RSJ 60
  • RSJ 50
  • RXJ 65
  • Starlett 60
  • Starlett 50
Lange offers an excellent selection of Junior options with the RS 110 SC, RS 90 SC and RS 70 SC all come in the 97mm race series last. Then they have the RSJ 65, RSJ 60, RSJ 50 and the RXJ 65 in 100mm width. Then they have the Starlett 60 and Starlett 50 in the girls color.

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