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Advancing Turns: Point Your Way Down the Ski Slope


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Practicing Pointer Turns
Advancing Turns: Point Your Way Down the Ski Slope

Going too Fast? Snowplow!

After a little practice turning each way, it’s time to link your turns in a smooth controlled glide down the hill. When you have made a left "pointed" turn and you are still heading in that direction (which will be at a 10 o'clock position) bring your arm and hand back to the natural stance with your head back over center.

Now, initiate a right pointing turn. This time, you pass from 10 o’clock through 12 o’clock and toward a 2 o’clock direction. Remember – if at anytime you feel as if you are going too fast, you can go into the snow plow or stay in your direction change until you point into the hill and slow down.

Practice these "pointer" turns, and as you link them back and forth down the hill you will feel the beginning of the natural rhythm of skiing. As you get the feel of this and develop confidence, you will be able to do this at a gradually increased speed, and soon your skiing will improve!

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