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How to Pick a Ski Area

How to Choose a Ski Area for Beginner Skiers


How to Pick a Ski Area

Aspen Mountain Lesson

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Are you going skiing for the first time? Before you head to a ski area or ski resort, it's important to pick a ski area that will coordinate all the logistics, from providing expert instruction to getting your lift ticket and rental equipment.

First Time Lessons - Go with a Pro

If you or a friend are thinking about taking up skiing, the first thing you want to consider is where to go for that first ski lesson. If you live in or near ski country you shouldn't have to look far from home to find a ski area or ski resort with a bona fide ski school. If you must travel to begin your lessons, step back and check the ski school section web sites of the ski areas you may want to visit.

You want to be sure the ski school of the ski area you pick is staffed with instructors who are members of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA). The PSIA is the largest and most professional organization of instructors guaranteeing that if you take lessons at different resorts the training will be progressively the same.

Finding Your Way to the Ski Area

Whether you drive to the ski area or stay in slopeside accommodations you want to look for a resort where the rental facilities are easy to find. Be sure you can download a map of the resort base area indicating where you need to go.

Bundle Up

More and more ski resorts are putting all the separate steps necessary to getting a "never-ever" person on the snow and ready for that first lesson into one facility. This is the key thing to look for if you have never been through the ticket, rental, and ski school process.

Find the ski area that has dedicated one building to where you get your lift ticket, your rental skis, boots and poles, and your ski school assignment.

Do your homework as you search the ski resort web sites and you will easily pick out the areas that have put the time and money into easing the process of getting a"newbie" onto the snow.

Get a Ski Package Deal

As important as easing the process is finding the best package deal. Inevitably, you will find the cost of tickets, rentals, and lessons on every resort website. Choose from the ones that offer the best package deal for that first lesson day - all inclusive.

A good deal has all the above. Better deals include having you instructor for the day escort you through the process. The best deals include your instructor taking you or your group to lunch and discussing your lessons!

Remember, the saying goes - the best skier on the mountain is the one having the most fun. Follow the steps above and you can't miss having a great first day.

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