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How to Ski

How to Ski, Where to Ski, Learn to Ski, and Skiing Tips


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Do you want to get an idea of what's involved in learning how to downhill ski? Here's an overview, along with step-by-step information on what you should know about how to snow ski before you get started and as you progress on the ski slopes.

Get Ready to Ski
Before you actually learn how to ski, you need to get ready to go skiing. Here's everything you need to know about renting or buying ski equipment, getting the clothing and gear you need, selecting a ski resort, and planning a ski vacation.

How to Pick a Ski Area
Are you going skiing for the first time? Before you head to the ski slopes, it's important to pick a ski area or ski resort that will coordinate all the logistics, from providing expert instruction to getting your lift ticket and rental equipment.

What to Wear Skiing
If you aren't sure what to wear skiing, it's best to start with the basics and then move on to the accessories. Here is a guideline for what to wear to skiing, which you can use as a checklist when you begin to assemble your ski wardrobe.

Where to Get a Ski Lift Ticket
Before you go skiing, you will need a lift ticket. A lift ticket provides you with access to the mountain and to the ski lifts.

Get Ski Lessons
The most important step in learning how to ski is choosing a ski lesson program that is compatible with your skills and abilities.

Learn to Ski
Do you want to learn to ski? Here's an overview of what you'll need to learn to ski, along with step-by-step information on how to learn to ski.

Skiing Tips
Skiing tips and techniques to help you get started on the ski slopes if you're a beginner, and to refine your technique if you're a more experienced skier.

Learn to Ski Videos
Need help learning to ski? These free skiing instruction videos are available exclusively from About.com and will help you with getting on and off a ski lift and a magic carpet and learning skiing basics so you can get started on the ski slopes.

First Time Skier's Tips
If you've never been skiing before or you're a beginner skier, you may not know where to go to skiing, what to wear, or even where to start. Here are tips for a first time skier.

Skiing Tips for Beginners
When you're a beginning skier, it's important to get started skiing with appropriate gear and lessons, and to know the basics of navigating your way up and down a mountain.

Skiing Tips for All Level Skiers
Whether you're an advanced or a beginning skier, these skiing tips will help you improve your skills.

How to Become an Advanced Skier
For many years the only classification system for skiers included Beginner, Intermediate and Expert skier. However, a more refined system of assessing skill levels has evolved that gives ski school staff a better way of grouping skiers of equal skills.

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