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How to Become an Advanced Skier


Man skiing powder snow
Soren Egeberg/Zearmonkey Images/Moment/Getty Images
For many years the only classification system for skiers included Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert skier. However, a more refined system of assessing skill levels has evolved as a means to classify skiers with advanced skiing abilities.

The Skier Skill Level Classification system is based on nine levels. Becoming an advanced or expert skier is a matter of mastering these skill levels, so, you can grade your skill level against the goal of becoming an all-mountain or expert skier.

Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. You ski for the first time.
  2. You are able to ski cautiously on flatter terrain.
  3. You can make a rounded turn on flatter terrain.
  4. You can make a rounded turn with your skis together at the end of a turn.
  5. Your skis are parallel most of the time on easy intermediate terrain.
  6. Your skis are parallel throughout the turn and you ski intermediate terrain comfortably.
  7. Your skis are parallel throughout each turn and you are comfortable going over small bumps.
  8. You ski parallel on steep terrain and feel comfortable with moguls on intermediate to advanced runs.
  9. You ski aggressively on all types of terrain and are able to handle a variety of skiing situations on all types of terrain.
  10. You may be interested in learning freestyle skiing tricks like a daffy (a mid-air split) or a 180 (an aerial 180 degree rotation).


  1. Know your approximate skill level and honestly explain that level when you sign up for lessons. This will give you more learning time on the slopes.
  2. Be comfortable at whatever skill level you are skiing. Work to attain only the skiing level that you can physically handle.
  3. Once you have mastered one level, move on to the next.
  4. Regardless of your skill level, continue to take ski lessons.
  5. Advanced skier lessons are available which help you maintain and improve your skills in high level skiing, including glade, steep, and mogul skiing.

What You Need

  • Equipment appropriate for your level of skiing and ability.
  • Group or individual advanced skier lessons.
  • Slope time - as much skiing time as you can get.
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