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How to Fit Ski Boots - Skiing - About.com
Before you rent or buy ski boots, it's important to make sure that the boots fit properly. Here's how to fit ski boots.
Custom Foot Bed Fitting for Ski Boots - Skiing - About.com
Last year, I bought a pair of Head RS 80 ski boots. They came with dual setting flex and cuff canting adjustments. The boots were incredibly comfortable, warm, ...
Pucharding Ski Boots - Where to Buy and Get Fitted
Here's what you need to know about buying ski boots, including where to buy boots, pricing information, and how to get them fitted and adjusted to your skis.
Ski Boot Guide - Skiing - About.com
Having a pair of ski boots that fit you and feel comfortable is essential. Ski boots transfer your movement - your "instructions" - to your skis and are very important ...
How to Buckle Ski Boots - Skiing - About.com
Even the best of skiers struggle with buckling their boots. Although well-fitting ski boots shouldn't be a hassle to get on, everyone has one of those days when ...
Ski Boot Size and Fit - Skiing - About.com
The type of ski boots you wear depends on the type of skiing you are doing. Alpine skiers wear boots that attach to skis at both the toe and heel, while ...
Ski Boots - Becoming a Ski Bootfitter - Skiing - About.com
When you, as a bootfitter, make modifications to a walk-in customer's boots that relieves pain or makes the boot fit better you not only make a loyal customer, but  ...
Ski Boot Brands A - Z With Brief Information - Skiing - About.com
The Fischer company makes all of its ski boots with their SOMA-TEC stance; basically working with the anatomical ... They call it "Control Fit' and they feel great.
Ski Boot Reviews - Skiing - About.com
Ski Boot Review Criteria When reviewing ski boots, Ray Rice, Surefoot.com, used fit criteria based on the last or shape. Narrow (95mm), Medium (102mm) and ...
Guest Author Ray Rice - Skiing - About.com
Ray Rice has fit and sold thousands of ski boots and orthotics to beginners, college racers and to Olympic gold medalists and he continues to help tomorrow's ...
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