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Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

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Welcome to About.com's skiing site, led by Mike Doyle. Mike has covered skiing for About.com since 2006.

Mike Doyle is an award-winning skiing journalist specializing in downhill and cross country skiing. Mike winters in Park City, Utah and Killington, Vermont.


Mike Doyle grew up in New York snow country. After skiing almost every resort in the East, he spent two years in Europe on most of the popular slopes, and many little-known areas as well. Upon his return stateside, Mike worked in various capacities at ski resorts and ski shops in the East before making the rounds out through the Midwest and out West.

Mike spends much of his time on the ski slopes and writing about skiing. He is an award winning ski journalist and a member of the Eastern Ski Writers Association (ESWA), the North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA), and the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).

Mike served on the ESWA Board of Directors and received NASJA's Harold S. Hirsch Award for Internet Writing.

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By Mike Doyle:

I believe anyone can participate in and enjoy the thrill of skiing. This site covers the best resorts for all level of skiers. I present everything a new skier needs to know to enjoy that first adventure on the snow, and I highlight all the new tips, techniques, and tools that bring the advancing skier to the next level.

Contact Mike Doyle: skiing@aboutguide.com


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